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At local Circumcision we cater to all ages, starting from Very young infants and newborns, to young boys and adult men. We ensure that the procedures are all age appropriate and as safe and painless as possible for all involved

We provide high quality clinical treatment and have an experiened and qualified team of staff so that every patient recieves the best trearment possible.

We choose the best possible circumcision procedure for every patient at the consultation and provide a full aftercare service to ensure that every patient and their family get the best possible treatment.

Primary Services


At Local Circumcision we offer a dedicated clinic catering for males of all ages starting from the youngest infants in a safe and painless manner.


For younger boys we ensure that they are fully prepared for the procedure by ensuring that the procedure is explained to them in appropriate language that they can understand.


We are happy to provide full circumcision to men of all ages, providing them with extensive pre-operative explanations and post-operative aftercare.

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