Joel Stern

With over 9 years of experience, Mr Joel Stern tries to make  anybody  having a circumcision  feel at ease. He has done 100’s of circumcisions in the time tested traditional methods. Circumcisions are best done in babies as the healing process is smoother and quicker but adults can also  be circumcised. 

There are many different reasons why Someone would want a circumcision:

  • Cultural – Some cultures have a custom to circumcise all boys.
  • Religious – In some religions it is obligatory to circumcise all boys.
  • Personal – People appreciate the benefits circumcision can add to their private life. 
  • Medical – Doctors can sometimes advise circumcision.

Whatever the age or situation of the  person being circumcised  Joel Stern provides a full after care service including an open phone line for any queries.

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